Seeing Blindness

One of my biggest personal philosophies is that people have the ability change, no matter where they happen to be in life. However, the fact that change is 2 parts effort and 1 part opportunity has a large impact on how likely people are to change.

I have found that college has been the most transformative experience of my life so far. I’ve learned so many things including the fact that the list of life essentials (food, shelter, and water) includes a secret fourth item called espresso. I’ve learned that I’m more capable than I ever thought and that there is a community of equally-driven blind people who I can rely on for support.

I think that one of the hardest things about having a disability is that what society has set as the truth is so far removed from reality. My mom asked me recently to make a video for her elementary class about myself with an explanation of my disability. I was reminded again about how when I was growing up, I don’t remember an instance where I saw someone who was blind in a movie, show, advertisement, or any kind of media. I didn’t meet someone like myself until the summer of 7th grade. And this train of thought brought about by my Mom’s request made me realize for the first time how important it is for little kids to know individuals who happen to be blind. We need to create a culture that sees us not as blind people but as people who happen to be blind, because there is such a drastic difference. My parents and I spent my life in terror of the fact that my condition was progressive and that I would lose my vision, and it shouldn’t have to be that way. I went to the NFB(National Federation of the Blind) convention this weekend and saw firsthand that blindness does not mean the end of your life. It’s up to us as ambitious blind people to show this to society.

These are my thoughts for today. I have been very busy with school but now that I’m settled in I hope that I can post more often. Thank you to all of those who read my writing. ❤

Content: Disability awareness video that I made for my Mom’s elementary school class