Bouquet of Words


When people get to know me sometimes they are impressed at all that I’ve been through. In reality, they should be impressed with the incredible support that I am lucky enough to have behind me. Today I am thinking about my Mom, and how much she has held me together in times that I was trying so hard to fall apart.

There’s a reason why people are amazed by the unconditional love of mothers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said or done things that would make most people drop me forever, but despite that Mom always sticks around. I’m not particularly incredible or special, but the person behind me is. Having an impairment in public school makes things infinitely more complicated. Trying to get an equal education with a disability is a constant battle and I was so so fortunate to always have my Mom in my corner. My graduation was as much an accomplishment for here as it was for me.

Able-bodied people and their mothers will never understand how much having a disability creates a plethora of challenges. My Mom never gave up on me no matter how hard things got or how much work I was. I will never ever be able to repay her for that. All I can do is honor her in the best way I know how; with a bouquet of words. Happy Mother’s Day mom. ❤


Picture Perfect

I’ve been through a lot of changes since the last time I posted. Because of recent events, I’ve been made to realizing that we are constantly changing even when we don’t realize it. Sometimes when you’re young a romantic relationship can feel like the biggest, most important thing in your atmosphere. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a long track record of being devastated after a break-up.

To be honest, isn’t that the way we’re trained to be? Media and today’s world of instantaneous updates and highlights of the happiest, most photo-ready moments leaves many people feeling like they are constantly striving to achieve a sort of superficial happiness that they can paste on social media to make everyone think that they’ve got it all. The truth is,no one does. We all have parts of our life that are painful and challenging and messed up because we’re all human. In addition to being beautiful and wonderful life is also inherently messy and crazy and sometimes just plain ugly. With this being true, why is it that young people grow up in a culture that teaches us to fall apart when we lose a romantic partner?

Certainly there’s a very delicate line between accepting a break up and hardening your heart against letting anyone in ever again, and I have found myself dancing that line more often then not in the past month. That being said, it’s amazing wen you change your perspective. When you accept what has happened but move on knowing you have a future ahead of you with or without that person.

There are some of you I’m sure who have never found yourself revolving your life around your partner, and I deeply admire. If this is true then just take this as a small reminder to never forget who you are. Always stay passionate about what you love, don’t pause your life for anyone else. Always work on improving yourself but know that the right person will accept that you are only human and will continue to love you as long as you are trying

. Never let anyone look down on you as if they’ve never made mistakes because I hate to be general, but that just can’t be true. Love yourself and be confident but always remember to stay humble because we are all only blindly struggling through this thing called life without a map or a manual or instructions. God knows we have enough challenges without pushing one another down along the way.