To all of my fellow species, I commend each and every one of you. We have achieved something I believed would never be possible. We have invaded the human-occupied planet known as “Earth”. Many species have tried before us and many will try afterward but I doubt any will reach the level of success we have achieved. We have not only invaded but we have ingrained ourselves into their society. 

By masquerading as members of their own species plagued with “physical impairments” and “medical conditions” we have fooled humans into accepting us into their society and at this time I would like you to metaphorically pat yourself on the back. Hiding in plain sight is finally going to pay off when we take over this planet. We will name this planet Cure after the human term for eradicating illness where, sadly, some of our own will be staying to be closely watched as they contracted human illnesses such as Rudeness, ignorance, and Judgmentalitis.

I would like to thank my mom and dad for sending me, their alien child, on this alien mission. 

Gestures of Affection,



My Superpower.

I have a superpower.

No I’m not Daredevil and I don’t have supersenses because I can’t see.

My superpower is having an invisible illness.

I was born with glaucoma, but my parents didn’t find out until two years later. By that time a lot of damage had already been done and as a result, I became legally blind. For years I made every effort to hide my condition.

I’m not the only one. There are thousands out there with illnesses that don’t have obvious symptoms. A lot of people have heard the phrase “seeing is not believing”, but it turns out not many take it to heart. Many people think to be impaired you must have a wheelchair, or crutches, or look different, and if you don’t, you must be lying. On the flipside of that, when you identify yourself as ill or disabled you are treated vastly differently. My 14 year old sister has told me multiple times she’s blown away by the sheer number of grown-ass adults who openly stare at me and talk about me within hearing range when I’m using my cane.

My point is that ignorance is rampant when it comes to invisible illness and invisible disabilities. My friend Holly, who has pancreatitis, started a thread wherein those of us dealing with illness or impairment post our meds to try to get through people about the validity of what we deal with every day. Here are my meds you would never know I take. Please share this or post your own story. ❤️

Bragging rights

It’s been forever since I’ve posted. Okay not literally forever but a good while. I could give you a laundry list of excuses but I’ll just use a time-tested favorite; I’ve been busy.Side note: why is the phrase laundry list? Who makes a laundry list? What goes on a laundry list? These are important life questions.

I moved back to Seattle for the training center, my roommate lost her chill and decided she didn’t like me so I had to move out of our apartment, and shortly after the program decided to move all of us to a new complex closer to the school. Last weekend while they were moving, we had to leave so I went to stay with friends in Poulsbo where I graduated. 

It was a wonderful getaway. I ended up going to a Mary Kay event and actually becoming a consultant. I’m so excited for this new job. It offers me flexibility and independence to provide income for myself. It’s a job that allows me to easily accommodate for myself. Even though I haven’t even made a sale yet, I love the possibility that this opportunity presents. When I was at the facial event, one of the points that the Mary Kay consultant made was that Mary Kay was a cruelty-free cosmetic company. 

That made me really glad but it also made me think-since when did it become socially acceptable for the phrase ‘cruelty-free’ to become a bragging right or a selling point?

Even if you’re not an avid animal rights activist think about it- the practice of testing products on animals is, frankly, barbaric. They don’t have a choice and it’s and the reasoning behind putting animals through this trauma and possibly bodily harm is extremely frivolous. Eyeshadow is never going to save a life. It’s 2016. Cruelty-free should be a requirement cosmetic companies, not a bonus or a plus factor.

On that note if you need some new cosmetics or skin care products that you can feel good about, visit my consultant site and see if anything strikes your fancy. You’ll get a quality product and be supporting my independence, so it’s a win-win situation.

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